Alan McDonald

Alan McDonald, Alan MacDonald, Alaan McDonald, or Allan McDonald may refer to:

* Al McDonald, Canadian politician * Alan Angus McDonald (1927–2007), U.S. federal judge * Alan McDonald (Australian footballer) (1918–1999), football player for Richmond * Alan McDonald (Northern Ireland footballer) (1963–2012), association footballer from Northern Ireland * Alan McDonald (minister), Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, 2006 * Alan McDonald, co-leader of the NZ South Island Party * Alan MacDonald (writer) (born 1958), English children's writer * Alan MacDonald (rugby union) (born 1985), Scottish rugby union player * Alsy MacDonald (Alan MacDonald, born 1961), Australian rock musician and lawyer * Alan MacDonald (production designer) (?–2017), British production designer * Allan McDonald (Australian politician) (1888–1953) * Allan McDonald (cartoonist) (born 1975), Honduran editorial cartoonist * Allan McDonald (footballer) (born 1946), Australian rules footballer * Allan McDonald (New Zealand politician), New Zealand politician * Allan McDonald (tennis) (born 1951), Australian tennis player * Allan McDonald (cartoonist) (born 1975), Honduran cartoonist * Allan MacDonald (Australian politician) (1892–1978), Australian politician and government minister * Allan Elliott McDonald (1903–1957), Australian politician * Allan Macdonald (1794–1862), New York politician * Allan MacDonald (poet) (1859–1905), Scottish poet and priest * Allan H. MacDonald (born 1951), American physicist and academic Provided by Wikipedia
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