Ann Granger

Patricia Ann Granger (born 1939) is a British crime writer.

Granger was born in Portsmouth, England. She took a Modern Languages degree at the University of London, taught English for a year in France, but eventually went to work in the visa sections of British consulates and embassies in Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia and Austria. She married a colleague in the foreign service and went with him to Zambia and Germany before returning to live in England with their two children.

Her first novels were historical romances published under the ''nom de plume'' Ann Hulme. After her return to England, her first crime novel, ''Say It with Poison'', was published in 1991. Provided by Wikipedia
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Granger, Ann, 1939- Mrtvá ve vodě / 2018
Granger, Ann, 1939- Smrt v sutinách / 2018
Granger, Ann, 1939- Taková je vražda / 2018
Granger, Ann, 1939- Pohřben zaživa : případ Mitchellové a Markbyho / 2007
Granger, Ann, 1939- Kdo jinému jámu kopá : případ Mitchellové a Markbyho / 2008
Granger, Ann, 1939- Vražda mezi námi : případ Mitchellové a Markbyho / 2008
Granger, Ann, 1939- Svíčka za mrtvého : případ Mitchellové a Markbyho / 2011
Granger, Ann, 1939- Dotek smrtelnosti : případ Mitchellové a Markbyho / 2012
Granger, Ann, 1939- Poslední slova : [případ Mitchellové a Markbyho] / 2012
Granger, Ann, 1939- Zavolej smrt znovu : [případ Mitchellové a Markbyho] / 2013
Granger, Ann, 1939- Skvělé místo pro smrt : případ Mitchellové a Markbyho / 2010
Granger, Ann, 1939- Květiny na jeho pohřeb : případ Mitchellové a Markbyho / 2010
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